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Locally inspired. Internationally recognized.

Cayman Cabana makes the Front Page of the Cayman Compass! 07/10/14. Check out the full story here 

Visitors experience Caymankind as a feeling of joy. A reminder to savour life's most precious gifts - family, love, honour. It's the sense that you can do more, be more and mean more

Gallivantin' in the Cayman Islands, host Luigi Moxam covers the 2011 Float Parade -the signature event of the destination's National Festival, Pirates Week. Revelers enjoyed local music and food as an elaborate and colourful spectacle proceeded through George Town. Floats and street dancers exhibited Cayman culture, flavour and soul like never before.

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In this episode of Cookout Daily Express, we meet up with Luigi Moxam of the One Tree Four Five Collection, an original local clothing collection, highlighting the unique culture and heritage of the Cayman Islands. 

gal•li•vant: To go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment. Gallivantin' in the Cayman Islands, the official YouTube series of the Cayman Islands Tourism Department join hosts Luigi Moxam and Kamala Murugesu on the road as they take you on a trek exploring all that is Cayman. From island hotspots, attractions, dining, nightlife, attractions, and events, they'll give you a taste of local flava like you've never seen.

345News-Fashion Week

In this episode of 345 News, join host Luigi Moxam as he takes a look inside the annual Cayman Islands Fashion Week.


In this episode of 345 News, host Luigi Moxam takes us to Batabano - the official Cayman Islands Carnival.

Jeanille Bonterre with Island Exclusive, the Caribbeans hottest Travel Show, sits down with Luigi Moxam, owner of Cayman Cabana and the One345 Collection. 

345News-Fashion Week

In this episode of 345 News, host Luigi Moxam takes us to Cayman Islands Fashion Week with PROJECT RUNWAY winner Anya Ayoung-Chee

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