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Farm to Table Thursdays
The islands most unique & delicious Family-Style oceanside Dining Experience

Dedicated to fostering a sustainable and eco-conscious culinary ethos within our community, our passion lies in revealing the myriad of benefits, indulging in locally sourced fare. Beyond the sheer pleasure of their delicious flavors, these local ingredients also offer healthful advantages. A unique platform through which we honor these indigenous elements is our signature weekly family-style Farm to Table Dinner, held each Thursday at 7:00pm. This special dining experience showcases the epitome of Cayman’s locally grown foods.

Nestled by the oceanside, beneath the starlit sky, amidst the historical allure of the George Town waterfront, guests gather to partake in a symphony of tastes. A feast that never repeats itself, for it is intrinsically tied to the ever-shifting availability of seasonal local ingredients. Crafted with meticulous ingenuity, the 4-course, 8-dish spread invites you into an unrivaled dinner experience. Immerse yourself in a genuinely Cayman Style journey for the senses and soul. 

Each week brings a fresh narrative—novel recipes with newfound, just-harvested ingredients, the forging of friendships, and the kindling of new connections. There's an undeniable magic in the union of food and fellowship, making every gathering an enchanting experience.

$60CI/Dinner  |  $85CI/with wine   |  $25/Kids 6-12

By reservation only. Click here for reservations. 
**Please note that any Farm to Table Dinner cancellations or changes in reservation must be received no later than the Wednesday before, by noon, as all food is picked/caught and prepared to order. 
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