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The Farm to Table connection

We are passionate about sharing the sustainable and eco-conscious benefits of eating local with the community, along with all of the health benefits and deliciousness that the local ingredients have to offer. A special way we like to shine a spotlight on these locally sourced ingredients is with our weekly family-style Farm to Table Dinner, held on Thursdays at 7:00pm, showcasing the very best of Cayman’s locally grown food. Guests gather under the stars, and oceanside in the heart of the historic George Town waterfront, to enjoy a carnival of flavors in a host of dishes. No dinner is ever the same, as the food we serve relies entirely on the seasonal availability of local ingredients. Loaded with a craft-fully curated 4-course, 8 dish spread, this dinner experience is truly, one of a kind. A must try experiential and authentic local affair. Each week is something different; new recipes with new fresh ingredients, new friends, and new connections. There’s something truly special about food and fellowship.

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Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

Supporting Cayman’s local farmers, artisanal producers and fishermen is paramount at Cayman Cabana. We celebrate all things local, using the ultimate in locally sourced fresh ingredients. We're working with food that is grown with a ton of love, respect, and nurturing, right here in the Cayman Islands. This energy becomes a part of each and every ingredient, and in turn, a part of each of our 'Locavore' guests. 


Incredible ingredients makes incredible food, and that’s what we’re working with at Cayman Cabana.

Join us each and everyday, for a true Cayman locavore experience, serving up the best local produce, meats and fish the island have to offer. Come experience true farm to table freshness, all day, everyday! 

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Oceanside Dining

Join us on our multi-tiered oceanside deck, surrounded by water on 3 sides, for a truly authentic Caymanian experience! Flip-flop friendly venue by day, upscale oceanside dining at night.

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