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The Farm to Table connection

Enthusiastically dedicated to fostering an eco-conscious and sustainable food culture within the community, we ardently embrace locally sourced ingredients. We not only revel in the delectable flavors that these indigenous components offer, but also the inherent health advantages and elevated flavors they bring.

An embodiment of our commitment comes alive through our cherished tradition—the weekly family-style Farm to Table Dinner. This enchanting culinary event takes place every Thursday at 7:00pm, casting a radiant spotlight on the delicious bounty of Cayman's homegrown ingredients.


Beneath the starry skies and beside the tranquil ocean, nestled within the heart of historic George Town waterfront, a captivating culinary expereince unfolds. Here, amid an array of delectable dishes, guests partake in a gastronomic carnival of flavors. The allure lies in the unpredictability—each dinner is a unique creation, a manifestation of the season's offerings. Crafted with meticulous attention, our 4-course, 8-dish spread captures the essence of this dinner experience, which stands unparalleled—a true embodiment of the Cayman culinary identity. An invitation to savor an authentic local affair, an experience that must be savored.


Exclusive seating for this distinctive Locavore Dining affair is reserved solely through advance reservations. Secure your spot at 'The Table' by clicking the link below. An unforgettable evening of local culinary delight awaits, where the vibrancy of fresh local ingredients harmonizes with the forging of new friendships. Immerse yourself in an authentic 'Cayman Style' experience where food and fellowship seamlessly intertwine, creating lasting memories.

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Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

Embracing Cayman's local farmers, artisanal producers, and fishermen lies at the heart of Cayman Cabana's mission. Our devotion to all things local shines through as we curate a culinary experience with the finest locally sourced, fresh ingredients. We are deeply intertwined with the care, reverence, and nurturing that goes into cultivating these foods within the Cayman Islands. This essence infuses into every ingredient we use, creating a seamless connection with our cherished 'Locavore' guests.


Exceptional ingredients are the cornerstone of exceptional cuisine, and this is precisely what defines our approach at Cayman Cabana.


We extend a warm invitation to join us each and every day for an authentic Cayman Style ‘Locavore’ immersion. Indulge in a culinary journey that showcases the island's most exquisite and celebrated local food and drink. Immerse yourself in the genuine farm-to-table vibrancy that is Cayman Cabana.

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Oceanside Dining

Embrace the ultimate Caymanian authenticity as you step onto our multi-tiered oceanside veranda, embraced by the tranquil blue Caribbean waters on three sides. From sun-soaked days with flip-flop casualness to evenings of refined oceanside dining.

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